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TIB #18

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TIB #17 seems to have been a toughie. We received brickbats and curses from all over. The pick of the lot came from Aruna –

A: Have you been under the weather lately?
TIB: No why?
A: Because I’ve been cursing you since last Sunday for a devilishly difficult TIB #17.

Hopefully this time’s TIB is a little easier 🙂 Please leave your comments.

Interactive version available here.

Across – Cryptonyte

1) Prime suspect to stall policeman (5,9)
10) Tie up crook and apprentice in prison (5)
11) Weaker Tendulkar perhaps missing out on ton needing just one (9)
12) Model’s endowed with gold for the picture (7)
13) Is famished terribly, fed this dish (7)
14) Reportedly searches for religious followers (5)
16) Hold on tight allowing to tear softly, it’s debilitating (9)
19) On which one would lie down and stretch? (9)
20) A clown upturned eggs laid on grass (5)
22) Looking back, the representative in Rome was a King (7)
25) Candy causing tissue in the mouth to degenerate (7)
27) Tissue and bone a vampire’s heading out to eat live (9)
28) Mother’s cooked nan – heavenly food (5)
29) It was said earlier that accomplished supervisors got in without getting caught (14)

Down – Diogenes

2) Unprepared footballer caught missing at Euro award’s final (4-5)
3) Dog lets go of black bird (5)
4) Body left in church cell (9)
5) Cuts flesh up around cadaver’s head (5)
6) Reluctant to accept work following the love for spiritual study (9)
7) Something to eat for student to fit into two-piece, having lost one kilo (5)
8 ) Delinquent pocketing a piece of jewellery (7)
9) An entrance with small stones (6)
15) Spooner’s whooper scene to follow shortly (9)
17) Fiery rum and gin in bar (9)
18) In conclusion, getting hot for female is a natural quality (9)
19) Stock price rising in a bet gone wrong (4,3)
21) One with a nest broken has no parent (6)
23) Upright, religious and short on love (5)
24) Repeated memorization required to cover university course (5)
26) Step mother, man and old boy showed up (5)

Solutions to TIB#17

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September 28, 2009 at 5:22 am

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Composite Anagram – Some Topic!

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//We’ve always wanted to speak through this site, but then what would Shuchi do?

We all know there are two ways of saying the same thing – some people see a glass half-full and some others see it half-empty (and as the SMS joke goes, the engineer says the glass is twice as big as it should be.) Similarly there are two ways of indicating an anagram with extra letters.

1) DULL – Deletion of Unwanted/Leftover Letters

Solvers would have encountered many clues of this type which say “A – B = C” or “Anagram Indicator + Fodder – Extra Letters = Definition ”
This clue from Diogenes for instance –

Disarmament collapsed in the absence of a strategist (10)
Highlight this line to see the solution : Disarmament* – a = Mastermind

2) FRESH – Fodder = Result + Extra/ Superfluous Humbug

Any sensible human (other than Cryptonyte) refers to this kind of clue as a Composite Anagram. Here the setter is telling the solver, Extra letters together with the answer will give the fodder anagrammed – “A = B +C”. This kind of clue is uncommon but a regular feature in advanced cryptic crossword. We have a typical example in Azed 1937. Clue 9 Down reads

Ah, this valve has transformed the radio (6)
Highlight this line to see the solution : Ah + triode = (the radio)*, &lit, Answer = Triode

Some more examples and explanation of the Composite Anagram can be found here. Will TIB #18 contain a composite anagram clue? There’s only one way to find out – Hack into our online doc (and when you find it blank, it would be great if you could make Cryptonyte’s share of clues.)


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September 18, 2009 at 12:37 pm

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TIB #17

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Online version here.

Across -Cryptonyte

1)  The banks were corrupt to take money, says the story (6,3,4)
9)  On air, retracted passages (5)
10) Incredible fluke, winning championship (ousting number one) and all that the pot holds (9)
11) Is old king backing a foreigner? (7)
12) Prescription that could give a guitarist withdrawal symptoms? (7)
13) Wolves toy with kids (8)
15) Sees model being taken away, expresses disappointment (5)
17) Lies on and on to get money, sparing nothing (5)
19) Bleeding is a general feature at the start of gunfights (8)
22) Composition to act out in California (7)
23) One gives credit to the author perhaps (7)
25) Captain Planet perhaps salvaged our sphere (9)
26) One admitting to swinging both ways goes to poetic lengths (5)
27) Dejected kid, he resorts to rope towards the end (4,2,3,4)

Down – Diogenes

1)  Country gecko losing tail, when turning up to chase the bee (6)
2)  King finding gold under the queen’s slip! (5)
3)  Jack’s line is monkey business (7)
4)  Last offer to carry one to relative abroad (4,2,2,5,2)
5)  Express grief at the aeronauts’ crashing around Ohio after entry to earth (3,4,5,3)
6)  Registers new records after topping in equestrian (7)
7)  See assistant’s right to vote cut off by a knight (9)
8)  Mark, from Flanders, heading out for Belgium’s capital (7)
14) Boy having a rum punch that might give him a kick-start (9)
16) An initiation befitting one’s held in the outskirts of Buckhingham (7)
18) Bird fight to follow boxing match (7)
20) Why I rambled about a local currency getting out of hand (7)
21) One gives credit to an article (6)
24) Say a flipper one edges (5)

Solutions to TIB #16

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September 13, 2009 at 5:40 am

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TIB #16

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Online version available here

Across – Diogenes

1) Performers of music or revolutionary arts maybe (9)
6) Kid’s magazine (5)
9) Toils to win power for those with special skills (7)
10) Runs away from sweets, reportedly (7)
11) Annoyed to lose the pound gained (6)
12) Extraordinary lyrist held court paying close attention to detail (8)
14) A strong draft beer taken after a drop of gin (4)
15) Naughtily ogle at her when model’s caught in the __________ ? (10)
18) Deserter returned to embrace a ruling coalition with three sides (10)
20) Road work sign (4)
23) Financially rewarding study award I got in London district (8)
24) Having even less money, put zero deposit in advertising (6)
26) Winning card (Hearts) getting one to victory (7)
27) Cases, for instance, involving glue suffocation indoors (7)
28) Severe cold hasn’t begun (5)
29) No good to get terribly aroused about involving a risk (9)

Down–  Cryptonyte

1) Suddenly finished? About time! (9)
2) Fine money (7)
3) Devout holy man is missing, daughter realised (6)
4) Cast away on ship (4)
5) I.Bishop comes back in – logical, no run conceded extra (10)
6) Pyridines (without Yttrium) violently fired (8)
7) Mark’s having no handicap (7)
8 ) Dress a young one has to try (5)
13) Grew vigorously, fire should be put out (10)
16) Press agent to remodel resort (9)
17) Expert playing well, Joyce perhaps (8)
19)  Evening. Yours truly’s right on the circuit. Unit of force India, Giancarlo’s first (7)
21)A storm to the navy’s a burst of frenzied activity (7)
22) Fever checked at the start, first tip of thermometer’s in contact with this body part (6)
23) Go into specialist doctor’s emergency room (5)
25) Drop of lemongrass in utensil to cook something up (4)

Solutions to TIB #15

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September 5, 2009 at 3:13 pm

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