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TIB #21 – Grid Skeletons in the Closet

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Hello there, it’s been a long time. But we’re back, sort of. Thanks to Shuchi’s nudges and a bunch of (undeserving) birthday wishes to a crossword setter, I decided to confront the grid skeletons in my closet after a year and a half. Do solve and leave your comments.


Across – Cryptonyte

1 Short girl gets lighter but is still not a fit (8)

5 The guys winning a lot are the titleholders (6)

10 Express an opinion on recording with a model (5)

11 Of fair complexion, like Iain Hume conceding corner perhaps! (9)

12 When here, keep quiet and work to impress (4,5)

13 Brief of Peter Sellers (5)

14 We hear Ravindra Jadeja swearing? It’s entertainment! (6)

15 One covers the house – building material used as roofing (7)

18 Doctor admits tennis champion to make an implant (7)

20 Little brother eats first at small restaurant (6)

22 Reckless crossing a junction? That’s rubbish (5)

24 Save tigers delicately, no good being forceful (9)

25 Deliver a wide perhaps and choke over time (9)

26 Swindler deliberately losing first to trap one who’s innocent (5)

27 Layers going up a tar road first (6)

28 Fuel clique is missing, rule out of consideration (8)

Down – Cryptonyte

1 Blue flower many love to begin with (6)

2 It can add some spice – perhaps summer in a spot of pleasure (9)

3 Trite facial hair restyled, it could be a lifesaver (10,5)

4 Leather almost wet by tea (7)

6 Hunch: Arsenal tie may be disrupted, this can reimburse what you pay at the counter (6,9)

7 Pattern presented by weather department with hesitation (5)

8 Censored and played a movie (8)

9 Cocktail is a mix of rasam and a bit of Damassine (6)

16 Disinfectant cleaned grime on dice (9)

17 Wrestles skeletons within and is agitated (8)

19 Smoke up a joint and become miserable (7)

20 Trap six footer (almost six), for instance surrounded (7)

21 Posted it again? Dislike! (6)

23 Law or Robert Downey Jr. perhaps (5)


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April 24, 2015 at 11:34 am

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