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The I-do-it Box is a combined cryptic crossword blog by Vinod Raman (Diogenes) and Tony Sebastian (Cryptonyte). Painted in grey, it represents the moral area which the latter operates in and the kind of matter the former employs to bring you these grids. The etymology of the blog’s name can be guessed from its URL (If I reveal anymore, I will be crossing the line that divides presenting an Easter egg and throwing it in one’s face.)

Vinod Raman is an ace cryptic crossword solver and a very popular clue-maker. More ximenean than Ximenes himself,  Diogenes is renowned for his witty and scrupulously fair clues. This has led to his nickname “Snow white” (the fairest of them all).

Tony Sebastian is the lucky winner of the reality show “Who wants to clue with Vinod?”. Like the contestants of any TV show, Cryptonyte is here more by chance than talent. Hailing from the land of “The” Sree Santh, Tony is renowned for his disregard and lack of respect for everyone (and like any other member of The Diogenes Club, complete unsociableness). He also tries too hard to be funny and generally succeeds.

The intention of TIB crosswords is to give the regular solvers of cryptic crosswords a fair and challenging grid to look forward to every week (as of now) . Your comments and suggestions are invaluable. We hope you enjoy these grids.


PS: We are trying to introduce a mechanism that enables interactive solving. All suggestions welcome.

Image courtesy: “Horrible Histories – Wicked Words”

Written by Cryptonyte

May 1, 2009 at 7:25 am

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